Trekking Holidays in The Atlas Mountains of Morocco Auberge Aremd Gite Auberge Armed

                                            Trekking holiday in the Atlas Mountain of Morocco :

Mt Toubkal Trek - 2 Days :

Day 1 : Marrakech / Imlil - Toubkal Refuge :

After a transfer to the little village of Imlil we begin our trek. Heading along the Mizane Valley, we first pass the village of Aremd and then onto the shrine of Sidi Chamarouch. We then continue east and by crossing the flood plains our route takes us along mule tracks and up into the high rocky cliffs above the valley. Crossing the river we eventually come to the pastoral shrine of Sidi Chamarouch, which attracts tourists and pilgrims. From here the trail continues to climb steadily, snaking and zigzagging its way up to the snowline and the Toukbal Refuge (3206m), our stop for the night. Approx. 4 to 5hrs walking.

Day 2 : Toubkal Refuge - Toubkal Summit - Imlil / Marrakech

Early in the morning we make our attempt on the summit of Jebel Toukbal, the highest peak in Northern Africa. Our route takes us up the south cirque, crossing the stream above the refuge. The walking is relatively straightforward, but the scree and the altitude will make the going quite difficult in parts. The views along the way make the journey more than worthwhile. When you reach the the summit you will see that the vistas across the surrounding landscape are quite breathtaking. From here there are unrestricted views in every direction, from the Marrakesh Plain to the High Atlas in the north and as far south as the Anti-Atlas and the Sahara. We will retrace our steps when we return down the mountain and head back towards Imlil.

Mt Toubkal Trek - 3 Days Please contact us if you are interested ....

Berber Villages Trek - 2 Days

Day 1 : Marrakech / Imlil - Tizi Mzik - Tizi Oussem

After breakfast in Marrakech, pick up & drive towards the high Atlas Mountains via Tahnnaout, Oued Ghighaya & Asni, enjoy the stunning view of the villages along the valley.
Arrival to Imlil (65km from Marrakech), meet the guide & multeer andthen start the trek & climb Tizi Mzik pass (2684m), spectacular view over Imlil valley & Toubkal Summit, continue to Tamsoulte to visit the highest waterfalls in the Atlas Mountains (100m of hight), down the Azzaden valley through juniper forest to get to Tizi Oussem village. Overnight at the Guest house in the village.

Day 2 : Tizi Oussem - Tiziane - Mattat - Aguersioual - Imlil

After breakfast, enjoy the sunshine on this colorful valley & its marvelous typical Berber villages, leave Tizi Oussem & continue down to Id Issa village, before heading up to Tizi Oudid mountain pass (2000m), cross matat village after a wild thurifer juniper forest, get lunch under walnut groves and relax near the river. On the afternoon transfer back to Marrakech.

Three Berber Valley Trek - 3 Days Please contact us if you are interested.



                                             Skiing in toubkal


Ski touring in high Atlas (Toubkal 4167m) Period: Februray to April Duration 8 days about 6 days descent by ski rise positive and negative 1400 m

» DAY 01 :Arrived at Marrakech, Reception by our staff, Hotel.
visit of famous beautiful and charming red, dynastic city of marrakech-lane-souk-tomb-museums, coranic schools, rampart-mosques, minarets, palate, gardens

» DAY 02 : Marrakech- Imlil-Tazaghart 
meets in imlil with the equipe muleteers and carriers, col Mezzik 2500m, lunch in the sheep-fold of Tamsoult, then if the season is snowed , we will slip the skis starting from the cascade 2400m, direction refuge of Tazaghart 3000m, is 700m of rise and 250m of descent, then 800m of rise the mules will be replaced by the carriers since the cascade, night at Tazaghart refuge.

» DAY 03 :refuge Tazaghart 3000m- col Tadaft 3800m- descent towards refuge Toubkal, 5h30 Our first days of ski, towards 8h30 to go up to the col of Tadaft, a cord is necessary, cramps. there is one only passage which will be difficult. Lunch in the col, wonderful sight from the col tadaft, Toubkal in face of us thus that the remainder of the tops exceeding the 4000m, fabulous descent stiff at the beginning, pretty with the fine total of 800m of rise and 600m of descent.

» DAY 04 : Refuge Toubkal- top Toubkal- Refuge Toubkal- 5h30 rise at 7AM , leave at 8h30, not to go up at the time when snow is cold, very hard. 3hours with 4h of rise, panoramic sight on the valleys around Toubkal, fabulous descent towards the refuge of Toubkal, that is to say 1000m of rise and 1000m of descent.

» DAY 05 :Refuge Toubkal- Rise ouan oukrim- or Imeghras or Akioud, descent to Imlil, night in lodging We leave towards 7AM, direction top Ras Nouan Oukrim, larga combe, then the col, then the top, splendid sight, especially on the valleys of southern slope of the toubkal, long descent of the top 4083m until 2600m, lunch with Marabout chamharouch, descent with foot towards the Armed village, then Imlil, lodging, are 1600m with ski and 1000m with foot, stage of 7 with 8h.

» DAY 06 : foot of the col Taamatert 2300- Ousarou- Bouiguenouane- Ousarou
On the more beautiful stage, with mules, our tents and mattress towards the col Tamatert 2300m, then descent towards the Imenane valley, then we approach with our mules with the foot the top Bouiguenouane 3800m, lunch and attack the top, 1400m of rise easy, regular, small valley, combe, Crete, arrive at the top a splendid sight on the unit of the tops even Toubkal on our left, wonderful descent towards the base camp 2400m, the most beautiful descent. 1400m of rise and 1400m of descent, camp with Ousarou 2400m.

» DAY 07 : Ousarou- col Likkemt- Imlil- Marrakech
Still another top to be gone up, early the morning towards col Likkemt 3600m, not to miss 3h with 4h of rise, return to the same bivouac, then 2hours 30mn of descent towards Imlil with the mules, without bearing. The car will wait for us to go down in Marrakech, 1200m of rise and descent

» DAY 08 : Départ to the airport, end of our services (eyerthing included: guide,hotel, transport, mule lodging-tents...).